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We got this letter in the mail from Shoppers Drug Mart today (and if you don’t know by now, I am a HUGE fan of the Optimum Points program and have saved $1000’s over the years).

It’s an offer for 16,000 extra Points when I spend $100 or more at Shoppers Drug Mart – 2 of them, both expiring on September 10, 2012.  The points will be awarded to my account by October 10th, and I’ll likely sit on my earnings until December when we’re hoping there’ll be another Mega Redemption (rumour has it we’re getting an X-box with a gazillion games & accessories for Christmas this year!)

And I’ll be sure to redeem these coupons during one of Shoppers Drug Mart’s weekend promotions, like the new Double Double this weekend where I’ll get $20 back in gift cards.  Wanna know what kind of savings that adds up to, even before deciding on which sale items I’ll match my coupons to?

It’s staggering!

If I spend $100 this weekend, I’ll get back:

  1. a $10 Shoppers Drug Mart Gift Card
  2. a $10 Tim Horton’s Gift Card
  3. 16,000 Optimum Points from this coupon
  4. 1,000 Optimum points from purchasing a $100 Shoppers Drug Mart gift card on the way into the store
  5. 1,000 regular Optimum points from my purchase (which I’ll pay with using the gift card I bought on the way in)
  6. ?? who knows how many extra Optimum points from in-store offers

(we’re up to 18,000 points on this single transaction, which will get me $37.80 in FREE stuff if I spend the Optimum level of 90,000 points at a Spend Your Points event where we get $200 in free stuff instead of the usual $170 … if i break down and spend them before December!).

Too many numbers?  How does 42% SAVINGS before sale prices, before coupons sound?  And at a store that carries milk, bread,eggs & butter at the lowest prices around (for me, anyway), and has great weekly flyer sales which often match coupons in my binder, it won’t take long to get up to the $100 on items that we need to buy anyway. 

The true challenge will be finding a reason to slip away from the campsite for an hour or so on Saturday.   “What?  No one packed the bug spray?  Well, I’ve got a coupon, I guess I’ll run to town.”  (tee hee)

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ August 2, 2012

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