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I am not good at math.  And until now, I’ve never regretted dropping Mr. McLennan’s grade 13 Calculus class.  But after a GREAT shop at Shoppers Drug Mart for their new Spend your Points – Get Points Back event, I wish I had the smarts to really analyze my receipt and calculate the savings!

Props go out to the Goderich, Ontario Shoppers Drug Mart team –  immaculate store, uber friendly staff, and all around positive couponing experience.  Thanks!  (Apparently the Biebs was in town today too, wonder if he collects Optimum points?!)

The lure into the store today was a printable coupon for a 1 day Spend your Optimum Points event.  Usually I redeem my points on days when 95,000 points are worth $200 instead of the usual $170 worth of free stuff.  Today’s promotion was a little bit different.  I redeemed 95,000 for the usual optimum value of $170 and earned back 30,000 points.  On a usual redemption day, 30K points are worth $54 (if you’re redeeming the full 95,000 points – which we recommend you do – they points multiply compoundly … is that a word?).   But if we hold onto those points to redeem on a Spend Your Points event day, they’re worth $63.

So, right off the bat, I must say that I prefer this kind of Spend Your Points – Get Points Back event over the traditional $30 extra.  By my math (creative, at best!) I earned an extra $33 in FREE stuff over the usual bonus redemption amount.  And if I combine coupons with sale prices, and hold onto my points until the anticipated Mega Redemption event in December (fingers crossed Shoppers will hold it again), those points will be worth even more.

So here’s the low-down on my trip to Shoppers Drug Mart today:

  • Subtotal $188.79 (before taxes)
  • Sale price savings $111.38 (“You have Saved” on the receipt)
  • Coupons redeemed $37.05 (you need to add these up manually, they show as Vendor or Store CPN on your receipt)
  • Total value $337.22 before sales & coupons
  • Optimum Points spent $170.00 (95,000 points)
  • Optimum Points earned $65.00 (31,110 points)
  • Combined value of merchandise (full price) & points $402.22That’a a lot off FREE stuff, eh?!
  • Actual O.O.P expense $18.79 (excluding taxes)

If I had any math sense whatsoever, I’d be able to brag that “I saved such and such % on today’s trip” but truth be told, I just can’t figure out how!  I know that I came home with $337.22 worth of stuff and spent 63,900 points to get it, plus a top up of $18.79 out of pocket.  That many points are usually worth $134.19 of free stuff on a Spend Your Points day, so I figure I extended my savings by about $200.  What’s FREE + $200?

When I win the 3 Million Optimum Points from their current promotion, I’m going to hire a math whiz to design a Shoppers Optimum calculation i-phone app (right after I upgrade from my flip-phone!!)  In the meantime, if you have a trick to how you calculate your Optimum Points savings, do let us know!  And if you made it through any of Murray Math’s classes, it’d be fun to hear from you, too!

Happy Couponing,

Christa Clips ~ July 24, 2012

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