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Flyer Insert Hype

Christa Clips shares her thoughts on whether or not Flyer Inserts are a “must-have” for Canadian Couponers

There’s always a lot of excitement in the coupon community when a new flyer insert is due to be released by SmartSource, RedPlum, or P&G.  These 10-16 page colorful “booklets” are a great way to collect multiple copies of Canadian Coupons, especially if your friends, family, neighbours and colleagues pass their copies on to you.   It’s easy to understand where the hype stems from:  think about thousands and thousands of Canadian couponers looking to redeem their flyer insert coupons (and sometimes FPCs- free product coupons) all on the first day of a sale.  Facebook walls are full of folks sharing tips and tricks about where to redeem them, how to stack them with other coupons (where possible), and snapping pictures of their updated stockpiles if they’ve cashed in on multiple coupons.

Being left of of the hype isn’t a nice feeling.  I know, because I don’t get the flyer inserts where I live.  I recently had an encounter at a grocery store with another woman who doesn’t receive the flyer inserts, either, and it prompted me to write this blog entry to share my opinion that flyer inserts aren’t the “be all, end all” of coupons.

Here’s how my (strange?!) encounter went:

She started with “Oh, you’re lucky to be able to save so much money with coupons. I can’t coupon because I don’t get the flyer inserts.”

I fanned out the coupons I had in my hand to show her that they were all from mail-outs, tear-pads, specially marked packages, and a couple of printables.  She just kind of rolled her eyes and lost interest when I started to explain that I don’t get the flyer inserts either (I don’t think she even believed me!) and pushed her cart away before turning back to blurt out:

“Ya, but you’re not getting all that FREE stuff like the extreme couponers with the flyer inserts do.”   If she hadn’t turned the corner into the next aisle in such a rush, she might have had time to throw in a “na-na-na-na-bo- boo” as well.

Was teasing me that I’m not doing it as well as others?  Does she really believe that things need to be FREE in order to make couponing worth it?

Either way, I question how many others are turned off of using coupons because of the “Go Extreme or Go Home” mindset that is so prevalent in our community?  And are there others who figure that they can’t do it well, or even at all if they do not get the flyer inserts?

These Canadian Coupons were in the recent RedPlum Insert.  Next edition July 6, 2013.

These Canadian Coupons were in the recent RedPlum Insert. Next edition July 6, 2013.

I completely understand how others feel when they see posts and facebook buzz about the flyer inserts knowing full well that they won’t be receiving one.  That’s usually the case for me, too!  I do get the odd insert when I visit my parents in Brockville, and I was recently given 2 FULL copies at a local coupon swap (Thanks, Tonya C!).  I admit that I do have a brief feeling of coupon completeness whenever I do have one of these glossy, delightfully thin and easy to clip inserts in my hand , but the reality is that once they’re  clipped and filed away in my binder, they’re no more special than any of the mail coupons, tear-pads, specially marked packaging coupons, and printables that I’ve collected as well.  The savings potential is equally as great for any of these ways to find Canadian Coupons … it all depends on which products will happen to go on sale before the coupons expire:  I rarely redeem coupons unless an item is also on sale.

My personal advice to anyone feeling coupon incompleteness because they don’t get the flyer inserts can be summed up in these 2 tips:

  1. Don’t sweat it.  They’re not all that different than Canadian Coupons you can get by mail, tear-pads, specially marked packaging, and printables.  Missing out on FREE bbq sauce or dishwashing sponges is something we just have to let go of!
  2. If you really want a few of the coupons from inside the inserts, add them to your wishlist on CouponSpare.  There are literally MILLIONS of copies of each coupon from the inserts floating around and you’ll more than likely find some on that trading site.  Be cautious of anyone trading away full copies of inserts though – you might want to question the trader on how they were collected.  CanadianCoupons.net endorses ethically traded coupons!  New to CouponSpare?  Here’s our Coupon Trading 101 Guide.

#2 is why I continue to pay attention to what’s in the inserts while trying not to get getting sucked into the

The most recent SmartSource insert had 16 Canadian Coupons inside.

The most recent SmartSource insert had 16 Canadian Coupons inside.

hype too much.  Most flyer insert coupons are good for 6 months or more, leaving ample time to request them from a fellow CouponSpare member.  Beyond that, I try not to devote much time/energy to trying to get my hands on a copy of the flyer inserts when they are distributed in newspapers and flyer bags in other neighbourhoods.   I’m doing just fine without them, and you can, too!

Are you and I of similar frame of mind?  Or are flyer inserts an integral part of your couponing strategy?  Drop a line in the comments below – I love hearing about everyone’s clever coupon methods!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ June 12, 2013

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