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***UPDATE***  This event can be repeated with our printable coupon on Wednesday, January 2, 2013.  Get your shopping list & coupons ready!!

Today was the final Optimum Points event of 2012 at Shoppers Drugmart and my shopping stars aligned.  In other words, I couldn’t pass up great sale prices on products our family uses, coupons to make the price even lower, and earning 20x the points on top of those savings.  Being able to dig ourselves out of the snow in Montreal to make it back to my Rockland store where the prices are sometimes 10% lower than the city locations, was an added perk.  I tell you, 45cm of snow in 1 day was quite the adventure!

I used 20 coupons on my shopping trip (several which were expiring in a few days) and came home with $187 worth of products for only $81.59 out of pocket (plus tax) and earned back another $58.32 in points to redeem at the next Spend Your Points event.   That all adds up to 88% Savings – an auspicious number to complete my first calendar year as a serious couponer!  Shoppers Drugmart has the best prices here for milk, bread, eggs & butter and by stocking up on a 2 week supply of these staples alone, I’m able to bring my subtotal to $25 – half way to the minimum required for this event.   

The Event:

  • Earn 20x the Bonus Optimum Points when you spend $50 or more on almost everything in store

The Fine Print (interpreted!):

  • the following items will not count towards the minimum $50 subtotal and are not eligible to be awarded any Optimum Points at all:  prescriptions*, products with codeine, tobacco, lottery tickets, passport photos, stamps, transit tickets & passes, event tickets, gift cards, prepaid phone cards, prepaid card products, and purchases at Shoppers Home Health Care locations
  • 20x Bonus Points are not awarded on top of items that have Bonus Points (e.g. 300 Points when you buy Jamieson Vitamin C), on points earned by using a Shoppers Optimum MasterCard or RBC Shoppers Optimum Banking Account
  • The $50 subtotal is calculated after manufacturer’s and store coupons are deducted and before taxes.   There’s no advantage to handing over your savings coupons after the cashier hits subtotal (we used to advocate doing just that) and in fact, I find it speeds things up for the cashier to have the coupons laid out with each product so that they can easily verify quantity and punch in the value of PFCs (free product coupons) and BOGOs (buy one get one FREE coupons) instead of rifling through your bags at the end

*If you fill your prescriptions at Shoppers Drugmart, you can earn Optimum Points on your prescription purchases by buying a Shoppers Drugmart Gift card first.  There’s no added benefit to doing this during an Optimum Points event; you’ll simply receive 10 points for every dollar that you load to the card and can then use that card to pay for your prescription.  A $50 prescription will earn you 500 points worth $1.20 at a Spend Your Points event.  A $500 prescription will earn you $12 in points.   Every little bit helps, right?

The little trick to Earning 21x Points:

  • Before checking out, grab one of the $.00 loadable Shoppers Drugmart Gift Cards that are usually hanging near the lip chap and gum at the cashiers station 
  • Complete your transaction as usual, ringing in your coupons and items at the same time and present your Shoppers Optimum Card to make sure you earn 20x the Points
  • At the end of everything being rung in, take note of your total (with taxes) and ask the cashier to “suspend the transaction”
  • Present the $.00 loadable card and ask the cashier to load it with the exact amount of your total (with taxes).  Present your Optimum Card again when paying for the gift card.   I like to use a credit card with a perk (e.g. Dividend, PC points, Aeroplan, etc.) so that I add another level of savings/earnings!
  • You’ll earn 10 Optimum points for every dollar loaded to the SDM gift card
  • Have the cashier resume the suspended transaction and use the gift card that you just bought to pay for everything.  Double check that your Optimum card number is showing on the top right hand corner of the cashier screen – there’s nothing worse than NOT being awarded your 20x points after all that work!
  • A $50 gift card will earn you 500 points, worth $1.20 at a Spend Your Points event, a $100 gift card is worth $2.40.   Not bad for just a minute of extra “work”!

My Favourite Coupons on this Trip:

  • P&G BrandSaver coupon for $3 OFF when you buy Tide Pods & Unstopables.  The Pods were on sale for $4.99 (reg $7.99) and the Unstopables $7.99 (reg $9.99) so I saved $8 and earned back another $5.02 in points making them actually $2.48 each.  While Tide Pods are generally one of the more expensive laundry products on the market, they worked out to a very reasonable price this time.
  • P&G BrandSaver coupon for $5 OFF when you buy any 3 Febreze products.  The holiday double packs of airfreshener were marked down from $8.49 to $4.29.  I got 6 bottles for just $7.87 (that’s just $1.31 per bottle) and earned back another $3.96 in Optimum Points. 
  • Peak Freans bogo FREE Coupon from their facebook offer.  The biscuits were on sale for $1.99 (reg.  $3.99) which worked out to $.99 each and I earned back $.50 in points. 
  • $2.00 OFF any Royale Product from their facebook offer.  9 mega rolls were on sale for $3.99 (reg. $9.99).  Paying $1.99 for the equivalent of 24 rolls = $.08 a roll and I earned back $1 in points.  Added together, that’s actually $.04 a roll!
  • Catelli Smart $.50 tear pad and $1 OFF WebSaver coupons.  These were on sale for 3/$5 which isn’t an unusally low price.  But with the combination of coupons I had and the 20x points, the best ones worked out to  $.66 each and I earned back $.33 in points on each one.  
  • Kraft Peanut Butter $1 OFF from the recent Kraft Booklet released on Save.ca.  I paid just $2.99 for a jar and earned back $.50 in points.
  • Dempster’s WebSaver coupon for $1.00 OFF any whole wheat or white loaf.  I got 2 loaves, on sale for $1.99 down from $2.49.  $.99 for a loaf plus $.50 back in points is certainly the best priced Dempster’s around here.
  • Jamieson $2 OFF any Product coupon from their WebSaver portal.  The chewable Vitamin C’s were on sale for $3.99 (120 count) and came with 300 Bonus Points.  I paid just $1.99 and earned back $1.72 in points.  I forgot to take note of the regular price of these vitamins so I’m opting for a gajillion percent savings on this one.  And they taste good!
  • P&G BrandSaver $1 OFF any Downy or Tide Product.  The Downy Ultra bottles were on sale for $4.99 (reg $9.49) and I was completely OUT of softener!  I’d even used up all of the little sample packs that I normally save for taking on road trips (desperate times, desperate measures!).  I snagged 2 bottles for $3.99 each and earned back $2.01 in points. 
  • Lipton Green Tea or Dole Sparklers $1 OFF tear pads.  The Lipton Green Tea cases weren’t listed in the flyer and I’d planned on trying out the Dole drinks.  But to my delight, it was included in the 2 for $6.99 sale and I scooped up 2 cases of a tried & true favourite and earned back  $3.50 in points. 

My list of favourite finds goes on and on.  For anyone considering trying out the Shoppers Optimum Points program in the New Year, I say go for it!  Canadian Coupons will be giving the heads-up when the next 20x Points event comes along, as well as the Spend Your Points events. And to anyone new to couponing – be sure to subscribe to our daily e-newsletter so that you receive links to the latest coupons and offers (scroll to the bottom of this screen for the Subscribe to Canadian Coupons box).  Before long, you’ll be saving up a storm!

Happy Couponing, Happy New Year!

Christa Clips ~ December 30, 2012


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