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There was a big Spend Your Points event at Shoppers Drug Mart this past weekend and I redeemed 95,000 points which were meant to be worth $210 in FREE stuff.   By combining coupons and sale prices, I stretched my savings an extra 58% and filled my cart with $330.74 in product.  I can only claim to have earned $120.74 of that for FREE though, because I don’t double dip!  I’m not talking about chips & salsa here, but referring to consciously keeping track of where I’ve allotted my savings throughout the EARN points and SPEND points cycle of the Shoppers Optimum Points program. 

In isolation, I could claim to have saved 158% on this trip (worthy of 15 minutes of fame/shame on TLC’s Extreme Couponing?!) except that I’d already allotted some of the points in past articles about my Savings on trips to Shoppers Drug Mart.  When I calculate my savings over the past 2 weekends specifically, (1 EARN points event and 1 SPEND points event), I can summarize in two different ways:

  1. I paid 100% for my Xbox on Black Fridayand got $330.74 in FREE stuff this past weekend or
  2. I paid 30% for my Xbox on Black Friday and got $120.74 in FREE stuff this past weekend

If I were claim that I SAVED 70% on the Xbox AND come home with $330.74 in FREE stuff, I’d be double dipping on my points and not accurately reflecting my overall savings. Since I’ve already published the “Xbox is Wrapped and was 70% OFF” article as well as several other “82% Savings” articles over the past several months, I don’t dare claim to have brought home $330+ for FREE today. If I take out those 95,000 points worth $210, I should then say that I brought home an additional $120.74 in FREE stuff today.

If you’re keeping track of your savings as well, be sure to choose 1 calculation method and stick with it so that you’re being true to yourself.  And when reading an isolated article about someone else’s extreme savings or couponing, be sure to take it all with a grain of salt, figuring that some of the savings might have been dipped into twice, or hidden costs such as the purchase of flyer inserts or mass printing of internet coupons may not be fully disclosed.  Join me on the Canadian Coupons facebook page for a LIVE chat at 10pm ET tonight during the new episodes of TLC’s Extreme Couponing  – a perfect example of when the hidden costs of coupons aren’t always calculated into the final savings total.

Some of the items that I stretched my savings on this past weekend at Shoppers Drug Mart included:

  • After Eight 300g box of Chocolates Reg $7.49 on Sale for $4.99 less $1.50 coupon from inside the Carnation tin = $3.49 or 53% OFF
  • Scott Towels 6 rolls Reg $8.99 on Sale for $4.88 less $.75 coupon from the SDM mail offer = $4.13 or 54% OFF
  • Garnier Ultra Lift Reg $23.99 on Sale for $20.99 less $4 WebSaver coupon = $16.99 or 42% OFF
  • Villagio Bread Reg $3.29 on Sale for $2.99 less $1.50 WebSaver coupon = $1.49 or 55% OFF
  • Good Nights pull-ups Reg $24.99 (35 jumbo pack) on Sale for $17.99 less $2 coupon from inside package = $15.99 or 36% OFF
  • a “pink box” (tee hee) Reg $24.99 on Sale for $18.99 less $3 tear pad in the aisle = $15.99 or 36% OFF

I also stocked up on rice, milk, eggs, bread, yogourt, and juice boxes that were on sale and got 2 games for the xBox Knect to use as birthday presents in the spring. All in all, I was thrilled with my savings and still have enough points for another full redemption should that elusive MEGA Spend Your Points event where the points are worth $250 come to fruition after all.  There’s another 20x Points event coming up this weekend as well – but I really need to stop earning points!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips | December 2, 2012

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