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Today is Customer Appreciation Day at Shoppers Drug Mart and there’s a 20% OFF regular priced merchandise printable coupon.  I visited our local store yesterday and spoke with the management to confirm the specifics of the offer and learned that while it does not state clearly on the coupon or on the Shoppers Drug Mart website, this coupon cannot be used in conjunction with any Shoppers Optimum Bonus Points offers or coupons.  The same restriction applies to the Seniors Day offers.  (Shout out to Tammy at the Rockland store for always taking the time to patiently answer all of my questions!)

I often have both a manufacturer’s discount coupon AND a Shopper s Optimum Bonus Point coupon for the same product.  If I was shopping on a regular day, I could combine them both for 2 layers of savings, but today the 20% OFF coupon occupies the first layer and I can only add one more coupon (drats – it would have been AMAZING to add the third layer!). 

Decisions decisions.  Calculations calculations!

Carlton Cards – I printed the Buy 3 Cards SAVE $5 coupon and I got a Shoppers Optimum coupon for 1,500 points when you buy any 2 greeting cards in the mail last week (you can read about it here). There are 3 different scenarios – let’s compare to see which coupon combo is the best deal!

  • A:  Buy 2 cards and redeem the 20% OFF and 1,500 points coupons – This Scenario isn’t possible because the computer won’t take 2 Shoppers Drug Mart coupons
  • B:  Buy 3 cards and redeem the 20% OFF and SAVE $5 OFF coupons today
  • C:  Buy 3 cards and redeem the $5 OFF and 1,500 points coupons on another day

Scenario A:  If I buy 2 cards at $3.50 each that’ll be $5.60 after the 20% discount, and if I could redeem the points coupon that I got int he mail, I’d earn back $3.90 in points*  If I combine the value of the savings and earnings together, each card would be $1.35.   * Update:  I confirmed at the store during the event:  the computer would not accept an Optimum Points coupon after we’d already scanned the 20% OFF coupon at the beginning of the transaction.  It was worth a try!

*calculated based on redeeming 95,000 points at the Mega Redemption event coming up in December. If redeemed at the bottom threshold of 3,000 points, 1,500 points are worth $1.87)

Scenario B:  If I buy 3 cards at $3.50 each that’ll be $8.40 with the 20% OFF coupon and then just $3.40 with the $5 OFF coupon.  That makes each card just $1.13.  So as long as I have a third card to buy, this is the better option. 

Scenario C:  If I buy 3 cards at $3.50 each on a different day (i.e. not using the 20% OFF coupon today) that’ll be $10.50 and then just $5.50 with the $5 OFF coupon.  With the $3.90 back in points for the 1,500 points coupon, that’s just $.53 EACH.  wow.  I thought B was going to win!

So clearly, Scenario C is the best deal, but I only have 1 of the 1500 points coupons whereas we can print unlimited copies of the $5 OFF coupon.  I think I’ll go ahead and buy 6 cards today under the Scenario B plan, and go back for 3 more another day under Scenario C.  The kids attend numerous birthday parties throughout the year, Christmas is coming, and I always like to have sympathy, thank you and get well cards on hand and am out at the moment!  $.53 is a great price for Carlton Cards!

Gillette Fusion ProGlide Cartridges – these are regular priced $23.99 for a 4 pack  (yikes!  they’re pricey, but hubs has fallen in love with this razor thanks to the numerous FREE ones we’ve received in the mail.  Marketing at it’s best!).   I have a manufacturer’s coupon for $4 OFF that came from the Gillette Facebook offer and a Shoppers Optimum coupon for 1500 bonus points when you spend $10 or more on any shaving products.  Let’s look at the same 3 scenarios:

Scenario A:  If I buy one pack at  $23.99 that’ll be $19.19 after the 20% OFF coupon is applied and I’ll earn back $3.90 in points* making them $15.29 This scenario isn’t possible because the computer will not accept 2 Shoppers Drug Mart coupons.

Scenario B: If I buy one pack at $23.99 they’ll be $19.19 after the 20% OFF coupon and just $15.19 if I redeem the manufacturer’s coupon.  A dime is a dime is a dime, right?!

Scenario C: If I buy one pack on any other day (not using the 20% OFF coupon today), it’lll be $16.09 if I redeem both the manufacturer’s coupon and the 1500 Points coupon.  NOT the best of the 3 deals.

*calculated based on redeeming 95,000 points at the Mega Redemption event coming up in December.  If redeemed at the bottom threshold of 3,000 points, 1,500 points are worth $1.87)

Scenarios A & B are pretty similar so the only other thing for me to take into consideration is the expiry dates on the coupons.  The Optimum Points coupons all expire on December 3, 2012 and the $4 OFF one is good through December 31st.  If the blades happen to go on sale between now and the 3rd, that’d be the BEST time to redeem them.  I’m not holding out for that though and will buy a 4 pack today with the $4 OFF coupon because I need a high value item to help bump my subtotal up to $50 to be able to use the 20% OFF coupon.

Since I know that I’ll be shopping at Shoppers Drug Mart throughout the next year, I consider Optimum Points as equal value to the money I’d save with Manufacturer’s Coupons.  If you’re not likely to reach the 95,000 threshold to redeem at the Mega Points event, these calculations would be different for you and you’d most likely be better off using the 20% OFF coupon with the manufacturer’s coupons.

Stay tuned for the results of my trip to Shoppers Drug Mart later today.  I plan to purchase a $50 gift card on my way in to earn 500 Optimum points and then pay for my purchase with that card.  So far my list includes milk, bread, Carlton Cards, Proglide razors and some Quo eyelash glue for the falsies that I got for FREE at the She’s Connected Social Media Conference in Toronto last month.  Even the frugal need a little glam from time to time!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ November 13, 2012

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