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In response to the ungrateful fans, one facebook page pulls its FREE coffee giveaway. Are you being nice to brands? Canadian Coupons blogger Christa Clips shares her thoughts on what really happened here.

In response to the ungrateful fans, one facebook page pulls its FREE coffee giveaway. Are you being nice to brands? Canadian Coupons blogger Christa Clips shares her thoughts on what really happened here.

Flyerify, a new flyer viewing app for smartphones and tablets has been giving away 250 FREE Tim Horton’s gift cards each day for the past few weeks to thank their Canadian facebook fans for downloading the app.  They’ve given away 3,000 gift cards (wow – super generous!) and have opted to END the giveaway due to the amount of negative attention the gift cards are drawing on their facebook wall.

Here’s what Flyerify posted on their facebook wall in response to the sour grapes:

Hi everyone!

Thanks for your wonderful support and feedback over the past few weeks, we really appreciate it! Since launching Flyerify, we’we’ve given away more than 3,000 free coffee gift cards (much more than the officially announced amounts).

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the limited daily giveaways, we’ve’ve been getting many messages from people who were unable to make it on time to order a free Gift Card. As a result, more people were left feeling upset than satisfied. After giving this a lot of thought we have therefore decided to terminate the free coffee program. Instead we’ll work with the amazing deals community to run exciting contests over the next few weeks.

If you ordered a free gift card, expect it in the mail within 4 to 6 weeks!

I can only imagine the background discussions that the marketing team at Flyerify had about the decision to pull the giveaway.

“Keep the Giveaway” – Our facebook engagement is through the roof with page likes, post comments and shares.  We’re only 2 months old and our fans are already SHARING our posts.  We can’t buy interaction like that.  Oh wait, we are buying it with gift cards, but still. We have great momentum and this giveaway is helping to grow our facebook community and spread the word about our app.

“Scrap the Giveaway” – Our facebook engagement isn’t authentic – folks are liking our page to get their FREE Timmy’s and then unliking us. Some aren’t even posting a thank you comment. Proof? We’ve given away over 3,000 cards and are sitting a less than 500 fans. Plus, look at all those comments about how upset people are about not getting their FREE card.

“Keep the Giveaway” – positive or negative, comments are comments and help our facebook page to grow

“Scrap the Giveaway” – do the complainers deserve another chance to get a FREE gift card?

Obviously I’m putting words in the mouths of the Flyerify facebook admin, but the fact that they decided to terminate a  giveaway that generated so much buzz reinforces the notion that “Brands Are People, Too!” And no matter how happy a brand is about their increased publicity and facebook engagement, reading negativity and sour grapes on a daily basis takes its toll.

Be nice to brands (cuz they control the coupons)

I’m always sad when I see some members of the coupon and giveaway community misrepresenting the rest of us who are grateful and faithful supporters of the brands and companies who are so good to us. In my May, 2013 blog post Be Nice to Brands (cuz they control the coupons) I shared some tips for posting on facebook walls when you’re having difficulty with a giveaway.


If you haven’t popped over on to the facebook page of a brand or company that you love lately, why not post a little thank you note, today!

I was so pleased to find this note from one of our Canadian Coupons community members over on the Flyerify wall this morning and am confident that  the Canadian Coupons community will continue to support the brands that so generously provide us with FREEBiES and coupons.  Way to go, Tanya-Jo!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ November 18, 2013

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