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BrandSaver 101

The Proctor and Gamble family of brands put out 100s of dollars in savings every few months by way of mail coupons that are FREE to order.   These are likely the easiest of all of the mail coupons to order as there are rarely hidden portals and the coupons aren’t generally back up for re-order until the next batch is released.  That being said, there are a few tricks and tips to keep in mind to make sure you’re able to order all of the coupons that you want.

You can order up to 32 coupons at a time and although you might be tempted to order them all at once (dividing your order into 2 batches if you exceed the limit), we do recommend saving at least 3 that you won’t  need right away to bump up other coupons that might be added at a later date.  (I ended up not being able to order the last 2 coupons this past round because I didn’t divide my order evenly and didn’t have enough left over to meet the minimum 4 requirement.)

A new batch of coupons are being released on March 12 2013 so if you’re already collecting  BrandSaver coupons, be sure to log in to see if there are any coupons you can order from the last round.  And if you’re new to ordering these coupons, here’s our step-by-step guide to ordering these high value coupons.

  1. Log-in or create a BrandSaver account.  This log-in will be different from your BrandSampler log-in; those are the boxes of FREE samples that are available each season.  To keep yourself organized, we recommend making a note in your computer contacts or in your coffee table address book to keep track of your e-mail account and password that you associate with each offer. 
  2. You can view all of the coupons being offered without logging in, but you won’t be able to tell which coupons you are eligible to re-order.  Notice how all of the coupons are bright coloured with a blue banner before logging in vs. how some are faded and not available to order after logging in.  By logging in first, you’ll save yourself some time (and dashed hopes!).
  3. Select the coupons that you’d like to order keeping in mind these limitations: minimum 4, maximum 32, leave 3 as bumpers (recommendation only)
  4. The tally of how many coupons you’ve ordered and their total value in savings will show at the bottom of the screen.  Once you’ve selected all of the coupons you’d like, click on the blue Get My Coupons tab in the bottom right corner.
  5. You’ll have one last chance to view the list of the coupons you’d like to order and can remove them or click Add more coupons to go back to the main coupon page.
  6. Once you’re satisfied with your order, confirm your mailing address and click on the Claim my coupons! link at the bottom of the page.  The coupons generally arrive with a few weeks and will all have the same expiry date.

There are occasionally hidden portal BrandSaver coupons, but unlike the WebSaver, Save.ca and GoCoupons hidden coupons, you cannot combine them with the ones from the main page (at least I haven’t figured out how yet!  If you have, please drop a line and let us in on your secret!)

Links to the Hidden Portals (there is currently a Pampers one) and updates for new P&G BrandSaver coupons are posted here on the CanadianCoupons.net site in the mail coupons section.  And to ensure that you never miss an update or link to a coupon to order, be sure to subscribe to our daily e-newsletter with links to all of our coupons and offers that are added each day.  The newsletter comes out each morning around 11am EST.

These FREE mail coupons are widely accepted at retailers across Canada and will save you a lot of money if they’re items that you’re already buying for your household.  Combined with the other mail coupons from WebSaver, Save.ca, GoCoupons, and facebook it takes no time at all to have an extensive collection of coupons to redeem or trade over on CouponSpare.  Check out our other 101 guides:  Facebook 101 and WebSaver 101 and stay tuned for other how-to guides coming soon!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ November 6, 2012

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