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Save with webSaver!

A large percentage of the coupons I redeem are ones that I get for FREE in the mail.  In this article, we’ll look at the basics of printing and ordering WebSaver.ca mail coupons.

WebSaver coupons come in 3 formats:

  • Mail or Print (example A)
  • Print only ( examples B and C )
  • Mail only (examples D and E)

And while they’re all hosted by WebSaver, they can be obtained from several different places, some more tricky than others!

Easy to Snag:  There are always a number of coupons listed on the WebSaver main page.  Once you’ve ordered yours, it will show in faded colour the next time you log in and, if the coupon is one that can be re-ordered, will indicate how many days you’ll need to wait (examples D and E).  We recommend taking a few seconds to add a note to your calendar so you’ll have a chance to order as many re-prints of your favourite coupons while they are being offered:   we don’t get any warning as to when a coupon be taken off the site.  Step by step instructions for printing or ordering mail coupons from WebSaver are below.

Requires a Little Elbow Grease:  There are several brand portals listed at the bottom of the WebSaver main page.   Some of these are one-time offers while others can be re-ordered.  At the time of this post,  the Kellogg’s, Right@Home, Colgate, Jamieson, Dempster’s, and Nestle Good Start were offering coupons that could be re-ordered.  We recommend clicking through the portals on a weekly basis to check if you’re able to order any.

Dig a Little Deeper:  There are numerous “hidden portals” that do not have links on the main WebSaver page and many of them have coupons that are on a re-order cycle.  Again, we recommend clicking through them once a week and marking your calendar whenever a specific wait period is stated.   Because these coupons are on their own websites, it can get a little tricky trying to combine them with coupons from other hidden portals and/or the main page to meet the minimum 4 to order (although occasionally they’re exempt from the minimum order).  We’ll cover tips and techniques for snagging these hidden portal coupons in our upcoming WebSaver 201 article!

Bring Coffee For a Stake-Out:  Many companies who offer coupons to their facebook fans choose WebSaver as the company to send out the coupons for them.  These coupons have a life of their own and involve an element of stalking so we’ll save those for our upcoming WebSaver 301 article!

Regional:  if a coupon is marked with a little blue symbol on the bottom right corner, be sure to click on the product image and read the pop-up window to see if you’re eligible to order it (examples A and B).

So let’s get you started!

  1.  Create a WebSaver account.  We recommend choosing a name and password that you can use for all of your mail order accounts – it doesn’t have to be your real name but you will need to use an e-mail account that you can access immediately to confirm your account.  We do not recommend using your facebook account to log-in with as some special facebook offers get a bit glitchy when you try to use a different e-mail address than the one associated with your facebook account.  It’s much easier to keep them separate for the time being.  WebSaver will also send you a confirmation each time you order mail coupons – an easy way to keep track of which coupons are coming in while you’re checking out the new round of flyers.  WebSaver coupons usually arrive within 3-5 business days so if you order them early in the sale, you’ll likely have them in time to match-up and stretch your savings!  Click here to open the WebSaver page in a 2nd window and follow along!
  2. Confirm your account by opening the e-mail from WebSaver.ca entitled WebSaver.ca – Activation Email (you may need to check your spam/junk mail/bin if it doesn’t pop up in your e-mail inbox right away.   You’ll get a “You have successfully registered to WebSaver.ca” message and a link to Start Saving. 
  3. By clicking on the Start Saving link (or visiting www.websaver.ca if you’ve previously registered) you’ll be directed to the mainpage.  Click on the coupons that you’d like to order to arrive in the mail or print.  If it says “Available for print” (example A) you’ll see a choice pop-up for “print now” or” mail to home” when you click on “Get it now!”  If it says Print – then it’s a print only coupon (examples B and C).  If there is no printer icon under the image of the product, then it’s a mail only coupon.
  4. Select up to 32 mail coupons at a time.  You can likely get all of the ones on the main page and the brand portals at the bottom of the screen all in one sitting. I’m not sure about the print ones because I’ve never tried to print that many!  If you find yourself on a brand portal screen that is empty or says that the coupons are no longer available for order, you’ll need to get yourself back to the main screen to keep “shopping” for coupons.  Click on Get My Coupons or close the facebook window that opened if it’s that type:  your WebSaver session should still be open in a separate window. IF you get lost, don’t worry about ending the session and starting again.  Until you’ve confirmed your order, it doesn’t matter if you’ve clicked on coupons or not – there’s not a permanent record of you wanting these ones yet!
  5. When you’re done selecting your coupons, click on the blue Get My Coupons link in the bottom right hand corner.  You’ll be led to a summary screen to double check that you have everything where you want it (either in the print coupons list or the mail coupons list).  If there’s something out of place or you’d like to add more coupons, click on the Add more print/mail coupons links under the turquoise Total Savings arrows.   If there’s something that you didn’t mean to select, simply delete it.  And if you weren’t sure if you’d already ordered a coupon and clicked it anyway, WebSaver will politely remind you that you can’t get another one just yet!
  6. If you’re satisfied with your lists, click on the blue Print my coupons or Mail me my coupons links.  For mail coupons, you’ll be prompted to confirm your mailing address before clicking one last time to process your order.  You’ll get a Thank You message indicating when your coupons should be mailed out, and you’ll also receive an e-mail from WebSaver.ca entitled WebSaver.ca-Order Complete with a nice pictoral summary of your order.

If you don’t the required minimum of mail coupons  to process your order, you’ll have a chance to “save” your coupons (there is no minimum for print coupons).  This is in essence reserving your coupons so that even if they “sell out”, you’ll still have your copy in your cart.  You can hold these coupons for up to 2 sessions  but once you’ve selected a minimum of 4 coupons you’ll have to order them.  This is a fairly new feature on the site and WebSaver has instructions on their page.

And that’s that!  Be diligent with visiting the WebSaver mainpage and you’ll have a steady flow of mail coupons arriving in your box.  We get several each week and post about them in our daily Mail Call! articles.  Even better, subscribe to the CanadianCoupons.net e-newsletter for a daily update about new coupons to order as well as old favs that are  back up for re-order.   And for tips and tricks from fellow community members, join the conversation on our facebook page!   But while you’re here on our site, you can browse through our WebSaver coupons in the Mail Coupons tab or do a search for WEBSAVER.CA – they’re all there, including some of the hidden portals if you’re not able to wait for our WebSaver 201 article to come out!

Check out our other articles in our 101 series for ordering coupons from BrandSaver and  facebook.  More coming soon!  Many of the same principles apply to other mail order sites so if you’re feeling brave, head over and set up your accounts to see where you get.

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ November 1, 2012

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