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Facebook 101 – Learn tips and tricks on facebook

We recently received a question from Canadian Coupons community member “Jay” who wants to get started with ordering coupons and FREEBiES from facebook.  Thanks for asking, Jay – we love hearing from our community members and are happy to help!

Whenever you see one of our posts which says “Such-n-such Brand is offering a coupon to their facebook fans.  Start by liking their facebook page and click on the application tab …” – this is what we mean:

  1. Log into your facebook account.  If you’re using the account soley for coupons, contests and freebies, you can use a fake name and birthdate if you’re concerned about privacy.  Keep in mind that most offers require you to be at least 18 years old, some are 19.  You’ll need a valid e-mail address associated with the facebook account though, as some facebook offer procedures include sending you a confirmation e-mail or digital file to print out.  Ok, logged in? Let’s start ordering coupons and freebies!
  2. Go to the facebook page of the brand/company who is offering the coupon/contest/free sample.  If you have a link already, click on the link to be directed to the facebook page you’re looking for.  If you’re searching on your own, type the name of the company or brand into the facebook search bar at the top of the screen.  Several suggestions might pop up in a drop down bar.  Whenever possible, choose the one that indicates Canada in the title and if there’s an “official” one, that’s usually best.
  3. Join their community to gain access to their offers.  Joining = “like”.  “Like” their page by clicking on the small thumbs-up icon usually in the top right corner below the main picture but above wall posts.  You’re now a member of their on-line community and will have access to the offers (coupons, contests, givewaways) that they post on their facebook page.   Their wall posts will also start showing up in your timeline on the right hand side of your facebook screen.  This is especially useful if you know that the company is going to be releasing a LIVE coupon – you’ll be one of the first to be notified!  That being said, there is a slight delay in when things get posted to walls and when they show up in your live feed, so if you’re really stalking a page for a coupon to go LIVE (for example the Dempsters coupons that get scooped up within seconds!), you’re likely best hanging out on the Brand’s facebook page and refreshing your screen every few seconds). 
  4. Click on the offer in the application menu bar.  This is the row of rectangle boxes under the main image and above the wall posts.  If a facebook page has more applications than the menu bar has room for, you’ll see a small number with a blue triangle – click here to see all of the hidden applications.
  5. Read and accept the permissions (or decline if you feel the permissions are too invasive and not worth it for the particular offer).  Once you’ve opened the application tab, you may be prompted to “like” the actual application as well in order to gain permission to participate in the offer.  Sometimes additional permissions are required and will pop up in a permissions box.  Read these carefully – we at CanadianCoupons.net endorse responsible privacy choices for facebook users.   You may be asked to grant permission to a brand to post messages on your wall, or give them permission to post AS YOU on other walls.  You may be asked to give them access to your friends list, to the list of other brands that you “like”, etc.  If you aren’t comfortable with giving the brand/company permission to do this, simply decline and move on to a different offer.  I personally choose to accept most permissions but have changed the settings to “only me” so that all of my facebook friends are spared hearing about all the offers I’ve participated in.
  6. Fill in your contact information.  Most facebook contests and offers will ask for your full name, mailing address, e-mail address, birthdate, and sometimes a phone number.  Pay attention to which fields are *required and make your own decision about whether or not to give out additional information that’s not mandatory to participate in the offer.  You are not required to check “yes” for receiving future offers in order to qualify for the offer.  Sometimes they only ask for your e-mail address and they’ll send you a digital coupon to print off.  Be sure to check your spam/junk mail folder as these are often filtered out by e-mail software.  Sometimes the offer will refer you to a new page to sign-in (e.g. the company website or a coupon site like WebSaver, Save.ca or GoCoupons).  You’ll need to log in with those services or create an account if it’s your first time.  Be sure to write down your account log-in information as you’ll no doubt need it again now that you’re ordering as many coupons as we are!.
  7. Check the Thank You or Confirmation screen.  Facebook applications almost always end with some kind of  Thank You for your Participation message.  If you don’t see anything that makes you feel like you’ve succesfully entered the contest or ordered the coupon or free sample, pop over onto the facebook wall of the company/brand and check to see what others are saying.  And feel free to drop their facebook admin a line if you have any questions or conerns.  Brands love hearing from their community.
  8. Say Thanks! There are 3 ways you can thank a brand/company for their offer  1) click the Share button on an offer.  A window with a link to the offer will pop up and you can type your own message to send out to your facebook friends.   2) leave a comment at the bottom of the wall post for that offer on the main facebook wall of the company.  Something as simple as “thanks.  I ordered mine today!” is appreciated by the brand/company and provides them feedback that the offer is popular.  3) Post a thank you message on their wall (using the What’s On Your Mind status update box) when the offer arrives in the mail (coupon, free sample, and certainly if you win a contest).  Not all company/brand facebook pages will allow others to post on their wall, but if the Status “What’s on Your Mind” box appears, be sure to make use of it.

These instructions are general and might not apply to all facebook offers that you come across.  We hope that it’s enough to get you started though – be sure to let us know by leaving a comment at the bottom of this post or pop over onto our facebook page!  www.facebook.com/CouponsCanada     And if you ever see us out and about on other brand sites, please add to our comments or give us a little ” like!”

To find facebook coupons, contests, and FREEBiES on the CanadianCoupons.net site, simply type Facebook into the search bar at the top right hand side and we’ll sort out all of the Mail Coupons, Online Coupons, Contests and Freebies for you!

To learn more about getting other types of coupons, check out the other articles in our series:  WebSaver 101 and BrandSaver 101.  More coming soon!

Happy (facebook) Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ October 24, 2012

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