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I spent an hour and a half at Shoppers Drug Mart this morning and took advantage of 2 promotions:  20% OFF Regular Priced Items for Customer Appreciation Day and I redeemed one of the 18,500 Bonus Optimum Points coupons that I receive regularly in the mail.  I wasn’t able to combine the two offers together, as I’d hoped, but by using lots of manufacturer’s coupons and finding some marked down items, I stretched my savings twice as far as I’d hoped!  

I started by purchasing $150 in Shoppers Drug Mart gift cards and earned 1,500 Optimum Points which will be worth $3.90 during the much anticipated Mega Spend Your Points Event in December (we’re getting an x-box for Christmas for FREE with 95,000 points).

The store was almost completely deserted so I took advantage of being able to ask lots of questions to the cashiers (shout out to Tammy and the whole crew at the Rockland, Ontario location – they’re fantastic!) and learned that we could indeed use Manufacturer’s coupons with the 20% OFF coupon, that Buy More & Save items count as regular priced items as long as you’re not reaching the minimum # earn the lower price, and that the the 20% OFF Customer Appreciation coupon (sadly) could not be used with Bonus Points offers (this exception was not indicated on the coupon itself, nor on the website, but was clearly indicated on the memo from Head Office that the manager showed me).

“oh, too bad THAT item is on sale, scratch it off the list!”

The rest played out like a game show – calculator in hand, shopping list divided into sale and regular priced items, coupons sorted & clipped to the front of my binder …  awAY I went!  My goal was to just barely reach to the minimum thresholds of $100 on sale priced items and $50 on regular priced items while using as many coupons as I could on products products that our family would need for the next few months.  Scanning the aisles for items that aren’t on sale is very much out of character for me, I usually try to combine sale prices, coupons, and bonus perks for 3 layers of savings – so this 20% OFF event was extra fun!  I’ve never before thought to myself “oh, too bad THAT item is on sale, scratch it off the list!”

For my $50 regular price threshold I bought:  2 4L bags of milk, 1 jug of epsom salts, 2 cans of powdered breakfast shakes, and some really great tights to wear to Blissdom (a social media conference for women that I’m attending in a few weeks!).  I earned an additional 440 Optimum Points (add another $1.14 to the x-box fund!) even though I paid with one of the gift cards I bought on the way in which had already earned points.  Luv the Double Up!  Paying just $3.42 for 4L of milk made me wish we had a bigger fridge – we can easily go through a pouch a day and they don’t expire for another 2 weeks!

My second transaction even more exciting!  I redeemed 12 coupons equaling $117.75 and scored 2 OOP$ items (OOP$ is my way of saying $0 Out of Pocket, or FREE!)  Here’s my list:

  • GoodNites reg 15.99, sale $15.49 less 1x$2 OFF coupon from our FREE sample plus I earned 3,000 Optimum Points on each one (equivalent to $23.40 for the x-box fund!  See how quickly it adds up?!)
  • 2 doz Eggs reg $2.99, sale $2.29 less $1 OFF when you buy 2 dozen tear pad
  • So Good Vanilla Beverage reg $4.99, sale $3.79 less $.75 websaver coupon
  • 3x Platex 360 reg $8.99, sale $6.99 less 3x$4 OFF printable coupon
  • 8x Nestle 20 count snack size candy bars reg $5.99, sale $5.49 less 4x$4 OFF coupons from inside the Bear Paws boxes (we’re now fully stocked for Hallowe’en and have Bear Paws coupons comin’ out my ears!)
  • a pink box (wink!) reg $21.99, sale $18.99
  • Neilson Chocolate Milk 1 L reg $1.99, marked down to $.50 with 2 days left on the expiry
  • 2x EnfaPro A+ Powder reg $42.99, each with $33 in manager’s mark-down stickers because they expire in 30 days less 2x$10 coupons from Enfamil sample pack = FREE!  (delivered them to the food bank on the way home)

I always love playing with my Shoppers Drug Mart receipts- they show us how much we’ve saved from sale price in the “You have Saved” line and the coupons show as Store CPN and Vendor CPN for quick addition. 

Subtotal $107.96

Savings from Sale Prices $17.10

Savings from Coupons $107.75

Total value if I’d paid full price: $232.81 = 215% added value

Optimum points earned: 29,750 = $77.35 towards the x-box fund

there is a time and place in our family’s budget for stocking up on essentials

So I came home with a couple of bags full products that our family needs and would have bought somewhere, at some point over the next few months.  But by purchasing them all at Shoppers Drug Mart today and taking advantage of the 2 offers, I earned $82.39 towards the purchase of our x-box for Christmas and came away with literally twice as much merchandise than if I’d shopped bit by bit and without coupons.  I’m not a stockpiler but there is a time and place in our family’s budget for stocking up on essentials if the perks and savings are worth it. 

Hardly a week goes by that there aren’t 1 or 2 Shoppers Drug Mart perks to take advantage of – be sure to register for the Shoppers Drug Mart e-mail updates and join the conversation on the Canadian Coupons facebook page:  there’s always quite a bit of buzz when Shoppers announces their next promotion!  I hope you’re able to find the perk that is just right for your shopping list and coupons.  Today’s fit me like a glove!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ October 2, 2012

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