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Check out how easy it is to SAVE 75% at Shoppers Drug Mart with these 20x Points Events!

Check out how easy it is to SAVE 75% at Shoppers Drug Mart with these 20x Points Events!

By stocking up on items at Shoppers Drug Mart during the 20x Points events, and redeeming them at the Spend Your Points events, you’ll be earning $100s in FREE stuff in no time!

The Event:  EARN 20x the Shoppers Optimum Points when you spend $50 or more at Shoppers Drug Mart.  By shopping at these bonus points events, and holding onto their points until the Spend Your Points Events, Optimum Card holders can SAVE 70-80-90% easily.  Here’s a scenario to demonstrate just how much SAVINGS you can have:

The Steps to Take In-Store:

  1. Fill your cart with $50 in items (BEFORE coupons).  That is, if you have a $2 OFF coupon for bread, don’t include the $2 in your minimum $50 threshold calculations (yes, carry a calculator!).   Even though you’ll only be paying $48 plus tax for your basket full of items, you will meet the $50 minimum threshold because of that $2 OFF coupon.  Note that any FREE items as part of a Buy 1 Get 1 FREE coupon, or a FPC (free product coupon) do NOT contribute to your minimum $50 threshold nor will you earn Shoppers Optimum points on those items.  There is no extra benefit, then, to redeeming coupons for FREE items during these points events.
  2. Before you start your transaction at the cash, purchase a Shoppers Drug Mart gift card to cover your entire purchase including taxes.  You will earn regular Shoppers Optimum Points on that purchase (e.g. 600 points for a $60 card) and then when you use the gift card to pay for your transaction, you’ll have turned the 20x points event into a 21x’s event!  Tip:  If you don’t like “guessing” your total and don’t want to have another gift card with $2 or $3 leftover in your wallet, have the cashier ring in your entire transaction and then “suspend the transaction” while you purchase a gift card in the exact amount.  The cashier can then call-up the transaction on their register again and you’ll have an empty card to throw out at the end.    This process can take a couple of minutes longer than buying it ahead of time, however, as the computer might need to re-calculate coupons if you’re using several.
  3. Check your receipt IN STORE to make sure that your 20x points have been awarded.
  4. Play with your receipt when you get home to see how much you’ve earned/saved with the points!

How to Calculate Your Savings Once You’re Home:

Remember that Shoppers Drug Mart receipts do not include manufacturer’s coupons and manager’s markdowns in the “You’ve Saved …” calculation – you’ll need to add those in manually by yourself by looking through the receipt.  Once you’re totaled your savings, compare that what the entire purchase would have cost without the savings and then add in how many points you’ve earned.  Here’s an example:

a) Subtotal $36

b) You Have Saved $18 (sale prices. calculated by the store computer automatically for you)

c) Coupons & markdowns $14 (calculate manually by looking at each line of the receipt)

d) Total Purchase Value:  $68 (add a+b+c)

Savings before Optimum Points: 48% (100-(a/d))

e)Optimum Points Earned by purchasing $44 gift card: 440

f) 20x Bonus Points Earned: 7200 (ax10x20)

Total Optimum Points Earned: 7640 (e+f)

Value of Optimum Points if redeemed as part of a 95,000 points redemption at a Spend Your Points Event: $18.33 (we use .0024 as our rough calucation based on 95,000 points being worth $200 in FREE stuff)

If you add up the earnings plus savings together ….

$36 out of pocket – $18.33 earned back = $17.67 for $68 value purchase


Doubtful that you need $50 in items?

We get half way to the $50 threshold with grocery staples alone …

Reaching the $50 minimum threshold is easy for our family and we usually get halfway there with grocery staples alone:

  • 3 4L bags of milk $3.97 each
  • 2 dozen eggs $2.47 each
  • 2 loafs of bread $2.50 each
  • butter $3 (approx)
  • yogourt $3 (approx)

By adding household products and personal items, we are usually able to reach the full $50 threshold with ONLY sale items for which we also have coupons and it’s not uncommon for our family to SAVE 80-90% when we calculate in our Bonus Optimum Points.  I’m going to treat myself to a pair of fashion sunglasses this time …. it can’t always be just about groceries and shampoo, right?!

If you do a big 20x Points shop, or even better, a Points Redemption, let us know what your savings are after you’ve come home to “play with your receipt” – we love hearing your savvy savings success stories!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ July 11, 2013

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