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succès 100%

Some people come home with their shopping bags and play with their new purchases.  I often just leave my bags in the car and run into the house to show off  my receipts!  And tonight I figure I was paid to bring home these 3 FREE items. 

The current Optimum Points promotion at Shoppers Drug Mart is Get 8,000 points when you spend $50.  I needed a few things and wanted to use some of my coupons on some sale prices, but my total wasnXCHARXt going to be anywhere near $50.  But, by redeeming 3 FPCs (Free Product Coupons), my subtotal was bumped up to over $50 and I earned the extra 8,000 points.  Those are worth $10 on a normal redemption day, or $16.80 if redeemed on the Bonus Redemption Days (95,000 points = $200 instead of the usual $170).    You can get your Dr. Oetker Mug Cake Simply Food FPCs too – the John Freida was from a facebook blitz that’s over. 

Playing with Shoppers Drug Mart receipts is really easy!  They show a handy XCHARXYou  have saved $7.20XCHARX at the bottom of the receipt XCHARX this is the total amount youXCHARXve saved because of sale prices.  Coupons and ManagerXCHARXs Mark Downs (those great red & white stickers!) are not included in this total, but rather show up as 1.00- in the main receipt tally.   To calculate what your points are worth on bonus redemption days, multiply by .0021.    HereXCHARXs my breakdown:

Full value of items           $60.89

You have Saved (sales)  $-7.20

Coupons                              $-22.27

Points earned 9530        $-20.01

Actual OoP                         $30.42 plus tax = 50% savings

Eventual OoP                    $10.41 plus tax = 83% savings

I could have earned more points if I’d purchased a gift card on the way in and then used it to pay.  I’ll remember to do that next time!

So to be the savviest couponer you can be, keep these tips in mind:

1)  have the cashier hit subtotal before giving your coupons if youXCHARXre trying to reach a minimum total for a promotion

2) save your FPCs (Free Product Coupons) to help bump up your total to qualify for the offers at Shoppers XCHARX whether itXCHARXs Optimum Points, Gas Gift Cards, Tim HortonXCHARXs Cards, cinema tickets, etc.  ThereXCHARXs almost ALWAYS a promotion of one kind or another!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips XCHARX May 17, 2012.

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