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succès 100%

claritin contentsLast week I shared that one of my couponing pet-peeves is finding expired coupons inside specially marked packages like the ones I found inside some J-Cloth boxes.  On the opposite end of the disappointment scale, I found coupons inside a box that wasn’t marked at all!  What a nice suprise!  If you use Claritin,  now is a great time to stock up:

  • The 30 tablet rapid dissolve mint flavour boxes are on sale at Shoppers Drug Mart for $19.99 instead of $26.99 until March 8, 2013.
  • Avec notre $3 OFF printable Canadian Coupon, youXCHARXll pay just $16.99. ThatXCHARXs 35% OFF!Claritin printable
  • The package has Bonus 66% More (itXCHARXs a FREE pack of 20 tablets, but not rapid dissolve or mint flavoured).
  • Inside both boxes (the 30 tablets Mint Flavor and the 20 tablets) there are coupons for $2.50 OFF any Claritin pack of 10 tablets or more.   Pharmacetical coupons are not permitted in Quebec, so theyXCHARXve included the mail-in-rebate instructions to get the same discount.

And if you pick yours up on Wednesday, March 6th, youXCHARXll be almost half way to the minimum $50 threshold to earn 20x points with our printable Canadian Coupon.  On this Claritin Bonus pack alone, youXCHARXll earn 4,000 points worth $9.60 at a Spend Your Points event if used as part of of a 95,000 points redemption.  Claritin on sale

So originally, each tablet was priced $.90 if you bought the 30 tablet pack at $26.99 (yes, this is why some people say that Shoppers Drug Mart is a bit pricey).  But with the bonus tablets, printable coupon, and 20x points, theyXCHARXre actually just $.15 each.  ThatXCHARXs 6 times cheaper!  Plus, youXCHARXll have 2x $2.50 coupons to use at a later date!

The box we have at home is dated to expire in May, 2014.  IXCHARXm considering picking up another pack on Wednesday when I got back for the 20x Points offer.   Hubs is allergic to his motherXCHARXs (extremely fluffy) cat and I have hayfever each spring. 

Stuff you didn’t need to know, right?!

Happy Couponing!

Christa Clips ~ March 4, 2013

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